Clearing 6 typical myths regarding thin summer tights

The phrase “tights, which are an integral part of every woman's wardrobe" is what the  pre-fall avalanche of "fashion" articles begin with. Meanwhile, no one has any advise on how to wear tights in the summer.
You know yourself everything that is written below, however you have never really thought before about the small details of tights.

Tights should not be worn with shoes that have an open toe

Thanks to the strong myth that the strict business dress code prohibits wearing open shoes, a misconception was born that, in the presence of an open toe, tights are unacceptable. At first glance, everything looks logical: you should wear tights to the office even in summer, and the shoes must be classic closed flats.
Toeless thin summer tights
First of all, we have to clear up the myth about the the ban on open shoes. The business dress code is really strict regarding shoes, but not that strict to restrict women and force them to steam their feet in closed shoes in the hot summer.  The truth is that you can wear shoes with an open toe or with an open heel (either - either).
With that being said, you can very well combine a business image with shoes without socks or with out a closed heel, but do not forget to take care of your pedicure. Now let's move on to the pantyhose. They can and should be worn with open shoes, but be sure to purchase the open toe model!

Only matte tights should be worn in the summer

The boom of nude matte tights caused hatred toward those that have at least a small amount of shine. In fact, the statement that only opaque tights should be worn in the summer is not based on anything. The texture, tone and matte should look well in combination with a suit and the shade of the skin of the legs.
Do not be afraid of flashes and bad shots, if the selected tights are thin and transparent. The delicate radiance will create the effect of silk and will not ruin the contours of the legs. For example, such tights are chosen by Kate Middleton, and her legs are always flawless.

Tights with a tanning effect shows your bad taste

This is a peremptory statement that is based on the popular belief that tan tights look vulgar. Indeed, shiny tights, imitating the skin of the legs of tanned Brazilians, look ridiculous on pale northerners, since they have a contrast with the tone of the face, hands and other exposed areas.
However in the summer, when a faint tan unevenly covers the body, pale legs unnaturally contrast with the face. Therefore, tights or stockings are needed for full harmony, that are able to balance out the skin tone of the legs and bring them to visually match the tone of the face.

Dense tights cannot be combined with a business suit

Recommendations regarding the business dress code are liked to be give especially often, since this area is simple and clear. To distinguish a true statement from a false one and to not to follow made up recommendations, evaluate it from the practicality viewpoint. For example, let's analyze the situation with dense tights.
Opaque nude tights were persecuted following shiny one, and rightly so! Such tights make women's legs look like those of a rag doll. But at the same time, they hide varicose veins, ingrown hairs and everything else that is usually hidden from other.
It is great if the legs are in an excellent condition, and then these sheer tights will only accentuate their beauty. But in a business environment, it is not acceptable to flaunt your problems, even if it is bad hair removal, and therefore you should either wear pants or dense tights. Since there are situations, when they are able to show off the legs in the best way.

 Tights with a density of 40 DEN is a winter version

Tights with a density of 40 denier have started being called winter or a demi-seasonal variation based on the fact that 20 denier are considered summer tights. Although the nylon thread no matter if it is 40, or 20 denier is equally bad in warming up the legs in the cold or even when the temperature is approaching zero Celsius. Asserting that 40 denier are only suitable for cold times of the year, is almost equivalent to the advice of wearing them in any cold times.
To be honest tights with 20 or 40 denier are almost identical with the "warming" properties. The denier value is the mass of the thread, which has a greater effect on the thickness, but only slightly on the insulating properties of tights. In the hot summer it will be equally warm in tights with a 20 and 40 denier, and the reasons for the local "greenhouse effect" lie directly in the properties of the nylon, the material from which the thread is made.
Since the thread 40 denier is usually thicker than the 20 thread, it is stronger, and that is why 40 denier last longer. In the summer, if you are wearing narrow shoes, and the feet swell up in the heat, the tights have to withstand heavy loads, where as thin ones many not hold up.

The more DEN, the less transparent the tights are

The number of denier and the transparency of tights is indirectly connected. The transparency or opacity is not affected by the mass of the thread, but by its structure. Instead of mono-filaments, great tights use Multi-filament yarn, composed of many that are thinner. Such tights will be less noticeable on the legs and will last longer. When looking for transparent tights, pay attention not only to the volume of the denier, but also to the fiber from which they are made.

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