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43 products

Women's opaque tights: elegance and warm

With the coming of cold weather, every woman's wardrobe changes radically and, of course, opaque winter thick tights always become a part of it, since they are a reliable protection of the legs (and the body as a whole, since hypothermia always begins with frozen toes).
However, these days the transition to the winter wardrobe does not mean that there is a rejection of the sophisticated and elegant look. That is because the winter opaque women's tights can be both warm and thin, beautifully fitting the legs, and even modeling her form.
On the online store, Socks-Tights.com, a wonderful collection of opaque warm and thick tights is presented. By the way, many of them are produced with an admixture of various components such as: Lycra, cotton, wool, cashmere and microfiber. The opaque texture perfectly retains heat even at the lowest possible temperatures.

What kind of opaque winter tights are available (cotton, wool, cashmere and more)

The main role in the thermal insulation characteristics of the tights is played by the structure. Manufacturers offer our fashionistas opaque and warm winter tights that are made out of material such as:
  • natural cotton, cashmere and wool;
  • acrylic (polymers based on acrylic and meth-acrylic acids);
  • microfiber
Usually it is a combined structure, for example, into thick cotton opaque tights often masterfully woven artificial fibers such as (Lycra, viscose, polyamide) are added, which ensure that the shape is saved with the necessary elasticity.
Another important indicator when buy opaque tights is the density. In the winter you need to buy opaque model that has no less than 50 Denier (Denier is a unit of measurement of the density of hosiery, indicating the ratio of the mass of fibers to their length).
Opaque tights are classified not only by the number of Den, but by the components included in the structure:
  • Lycra 3D – plexus of three threads into a single chain, which adds durability;
  • Multifiber – smooth matte fleece which is resistant to the appearance of runs;
  • Acrylic (synthetic wool) – the most inexpensive option, which is better for hiding under long skirts or pants, since they are not very pleasing to the eye.
  • Cashmere
As a rule, opaque models are made with a medium or high waist.

Buy warm winter opaque tights advantageously and with convenience

Even if the cold caught you by surprise, you can always buy warm and thick tights in just one click: online tights store, Socks-Tights.com offers to buy a wide range and affordable prices.
With the catalog you can easily and slowly choose the most suitable for you opaque tights: cotton, wool, cashmere, microfiber, etc. With a density of 50-450 DEN and a variety of colors.