About Us

We'll never sell you hosiery that we wouldn't buy ourselves!

At a time when every second pair of socks is made in China, we sell only European products that are made with the help of modern sewing machines and qualified specialists. Thanks to ISO9001 certification, the production process is environmentally friendly, comfortable for staff and safe for consumers.
We offer high quality legwear at a good and reasonable price. We believe in a “mutual” process whereby products are manufactured in decent conditions using quality materials that will make everyone happy.
By high quality, we mean not only the high-quality materials from which our products are made, but also an perfect fit corresponding to the size chart. Every time you order a pair of tights, leggings or socks from us, you are sure that the size and fit will remain the same.
All products that you order from us are safe, smell good and are made of hypoallergenic materials.
Our store is managed personally by the founders, which is why we have excellent service. We are happy only when the customer is completely satisfied with the purchase. We are easily available at any time, you can contact us directly if you have questions about your order.
"Hello! My name is Tatyana. I know all about hosiery. I can give you sincere advice on the quality and relevance of all products in our online store, because most of them I wear myself. I pack all your orders and respond to your messages in the chat."
"Hello! My name is Andrej. We personally built our online store and made sure that it works without errors. I provide the best prices and promotions for you, and also personally send all your packages."
This is of course the most important team member.
She kindly greets us every morning, then lies on the sofa for a long time and sometimes checks our tights for resistance. Sometimes she even checks the work in the other offices. Everything needs to be controlled! :-)
Her heart and tail will always be with us!
We are put customer service as our top priority and always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, so we really hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Socks-Tights.com.
Happy shopping and thank you for your business – it’s very much appreciated!

You are not 100% satisfied with your order? Then you will get your money back!

This is our promise!