About Us

We sell European high-quality products that are environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe for consumers. We offer high quality hosiery at compatible prices.

By maintaining the high quality of the product, we also maintain a perfect fit corresponding to the size chart. Every time you order a pair of tights, leggings or socks from us, the size and fit will remain the same.
All products are safe and made from the best quality hypoallergenic materials.

The owners personally manage our store; therefore we try our best to provide customers with an excellent service. We are happy when the customer is satisfied with the purchase.

"Hello! My name is Tatyana. I know all about our products and will give you a sincere advice on the quality and relevance of all products in our online store, as I wear them myself. I personally pack all your orders and respond to your messages in the chat."
"Hello! My name is Andrej. We built this store store ourselves and made sure it is user friendly and operates without errors. I am in charge of providing the best prices and promotions for you, and also I pack and post your packages myself."
This is the most important team member!
She kindly greets us every morning and checks the tights for resistance!
Customer service is our top priority! We hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience with Socks-Tights.com.

Happy shopping and thank you for your business!
Data in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Slovenia:
i-Win d.o.o. – spletna prodaja
Sedež podjetja: Dimičeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: 040 35 99 92
e-mail: info@conte-shop.si
Delovni čas: od ponedeljka do petka od 9.00 do 17.00
Osnovni kapital: 7.500€
ID za DDV: SI46242660
Matična številka: 8169586000
Registrski organ: Okrožno sodišče v Ljubljani, srg vpisa: 2018/11556