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31 products

Sheer tights in a fashionista’s wardrobe

Thanks to the modern technology of the production of thin sheer to waist pantyhose, they are becoming more sophisticated, but still continue to be the topic many stylists argue about.

How do you buy sheer tights and what do you wear them with?

Trendsetters agree on just one thing: this accessory is a must-have in the wardrobe of every woman, whether it she has long and slender legs, or is a lush young ladies.

Even a lady with impeccable forms should know the laws of combining sheer tights with outfits, because when wearing them there is just one step from sophistication to vulgarity!

The art of wearing sheer pantyhose to waist tights

To avoid mistakes when creating your unique look, you should remember the basic rules of combining sheer tights:

  • Bare legs should be only in summer, and fall and winter is the time for pantyhose and stockings;
  • Thin sheer tights are needed to comply with the office dress code, even in summer;
  • Try to choose the matte products, that are most suitable to the shade and color of your skin.
  • They look the most effective when worn in a feminine look such as with an elegant dress or mini-skirt.

As well as that, it is important to understand that sheer pantyhose to waist tights allow you to create a variety of feminine images, starting from sensual romantic to businesslike.

In the black color, they are perfectly combined with exquisite little dresses, and in white with lace dresses in various pastel colors.

Today's trend for everyday wear is ultra sheer sandal toe pantyhose combined with bright high-heeled shoes with open toes.

Sheer tights: buy online

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