Back Seam Tights

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6 products

Fancy tights – a trend not only among the teenage generation. Business ladies in classic suits also prefer bold designers look, due to the presence of a sexual line along the leg, which emphasizes the contours of the body.

Elegant models "with a back seam" is a tribute to history. 50 years ago, when there were no circular knitting machines, there were no tights, while stockings always had a technological seam on the back. Today tights are made with an imitation of a back seam.

Tights "with a seam" favorably accentuate the length of the legs and add a special charm and sexuality to your overall appearance. Back seam tights are always not cheap, because of the special production and small amounts. Most often they are available in thin 20 denier variations and in dark colors.

Retro style is back in fashion, the main element of which is the illusory line. Many women are afraid to buy these pantyhose, explaining their fear that it is difficult to match them with other clothes.

How to buy and wear tights with a back seam?

If you think nostalgically, then the best image is the "30’s" look: with puffy skirts, fitted blouses and, of course, your favorite back seam tights, the price of which depends on the quality, density and structure. Supporters of vintage motives often use belts-bows and a corresponding hairstyle for the full effect. Later times are characterized by pencil skirts, trapezoids, with a crease.

This way, it is clear that you can safely buy the tights with seam on the back because they will fit any clothing piece.

Are there any disadvantages?

Just as anywhere, there is a negative, and it lies in the ability to wear the selected items. The problem is that when you move, the line shifts from place to place, giving a non-aesthetic appearance. But for a well taken care of women, the specified nuance does not stop her from buying ladies tights with back seam.