Black Opaque Tights

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34 products

The cold is coming, and with them, not so feminine jeans and hated pants. However, every fabulous lady wants to flaunt in beautiful dresses in the winter. Since the unknown inventor came up with sewing the stockings to the panties, much has changed in the “tights fashion.” Now you can buy black thick opaque tights and still remain feminine.

There are no small things in a stylish look

Thick black opaque tights will always help a lady look feminine and elegant in cold weather. Thick tights opaque black color is the most popular and truly versatile model, without which, not a single though through and carefully selected ladies wardrobe, can go without. But with all the indispensability and versatility, women's need to choose the proper black opaque tights, and most importantly know exactly what to wear them with.

How to correctly wear opaque black tights?

With thick black tights help, you can visually emphasize and accentuate the slimness of your legs and provide the silhouette as a whole with lightness. These characteristics of tights opaque black color must be used, when choosing outfits to go along with them.

As well as that, do not forget about the rules when choosing them:

  • Opaque tights that are black matte will look the best on any legs, that do not have a single hint of shine, and are completely opaque (from 40 denier and above)
  • Opaque tights with black color can be perfectly combined with dark shoes of any style, whether it is boots or heels since this is a basic, classic and, at the same time, a neutral combination that never goes out of fashion. This look will visually lengthen the legs and will make them look slimmer.
  • As well as that, black color tights of soft opaque yarn open up the possibility to wear dresses and skirts of any length. Even the insidious "mini skirt" will look perfect with them.
  • Opaque black tights allow you to be bolder when choosing the color combinations of clothing since they fit everything. Of course, you should not combine them with a white dress or skirt, because they are too opaque, but with clothes of any bold and bright color, since it will look even better with them. The only exception is brown, it surely does not look very good when it is paired with black.

On the online store,, you can buy opaque black tights of excellent quality for a great price. We wish every lady to create a pleasant opaque winter style and be the queen of any holiday!