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Every last detail in the bride's outfit should be thought through.

Every detail of the bride's dress is designed to embody the tenderness and purity. That is why most often under a wedding women choose to wear the finest sheer white tights that are barely noticeable, weightless and incredibly exquisite. 

White tights and white  pantyhose are chic and are a versatile detail of the celebratory image. They are white as snow, thin and transparent, with a pattern or lace, with a back seam or sheer to waist. Overall, there are many different options for a bride to choose from.

For example, white tights are the most common choice among brides. The bride's attire, should be thought through to the smallest detail, since every detail of the bride's look is designed to outline her tenderness and purity.

Why are ladies white tights so great?

The most important thing is that women's white tights, help complete a style very well. Ladies with a good taste often use a stylish technique, where they choose a white as snow dress plus the same color white  tights. A long time ago, this look has become a trend and is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

Every woman has her own taste, favorite color and special preferences. For example, if a lady likes these white tights, purchasing them is not a problem these days, however, you cannot wear them with just about everything. It is important, to not look ridiculous and stupid, you need to know how, when and what the white tights look best with.

  • You cannot wear bright shoes, belts or bags with white pantyhose, otherwise it would create an unnatural theatrical style;
  • Such ladies white pantyhose cannot be combined with shiny accessories, otherwise the style will not be harmonious and coordinated.

Although, there are exceptions to any rule, which clever fashionistas and daring designers use. For example, in order to create a bright, colorful and unique image that goes along with white tights, you can choose a pair of bright blue shoes.

White tights is a classic

The most win-win option is always considered a combination of black and white. Modern fashion stylists advise ladies to wear black clothes under white pantyhose, because the white tights color is made to freshen up the dark composition of the outfit. Thanks to the play with contrasts, the strict black and white style turns into an interesting combination of freshness and novelty. With that being said, having a pair of white tights in your wardrobe, will allow you to compose different variations out of any of your clothes and shoes, and will create a classy and unique look. What will look great in combination with white tights: 

  • strict dark colored dress and dark high-heeled shoes;
  • Knee-high boots and a black tunic;
  • light color blouse and black sundress.

White tights can be thin or dense, with patterns or without, nylon or wool. With each type of the white tights you can choose an element from a modern wardrobe that will help you create a smart, evening, office and even a sporty style.

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