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2 products

It does not matter whether you have a long dress or a short one, cream tights are a unique detail of any brides overall look. 

Imagine how a bride gets out of the car, walks down the stairs, how she is spinning during the dance.... Her seductive legs flash in every one of these moments.

The white color is a classic, but if you want to add slimness to your legs, then your preference should be leaned towards cream tights (this pleasant warm shade are also called ivory). Depending on the material of the dress, you can follow a single style in the entire overall image or create a noble contrast. Women's ivory tights look very interesting and attractive. Cream colored tights with a pattern will successfully accentuate any short wedding dress.

Cream & ivory color as a sign of style and elegance

Every woman has her own favorite color when it come to clothes. She chooses a shade that is not only fits her face, but also one that she likes. Cream or ivory color, is noble, and very elegant, and is considered to be the color of success and well-being. A woman who wear the noble ivory or cream color clothes always looks like a Queen.

Therefore, cream and ivory tights are chosen mainly by fashionable and elegant ladies who want to emphasize their status and have an impeccable sense of style.

Create a fashionable style with cream tights

The most a win-win and a classic option is considered the combination of cream tights with a black color. With a black color these tights will look perfect.

Another classic combination that creates an elegant and bright image is the combination of ivory tights with dark blue clothing.

No one will deny, that cream tights perfectly fit clothes that have "predatory" patters such as leopard or tiger. The main thing, is for this pattern to not be the main statement piece of the entire outfit.

As well as that, cream tights look goo with green, turquoise, coral and red colors. However, when choosing beautiful color compositions, you need to take into account several moments such as:

  • When wearing cream tights, you need to carefully select the color of your clothing, since they should not stand out too much;
  • You should not use too much jewelry;
  • The main thing is to find the right combination of colors, and then you can easily create an unforgettable image, full of charm and with a feminine look.

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