Fishnet Tights

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17 products

Fishnet, by nature,  is a "tricky" thing.

Combining it with different attributes of your wardrobe, you can create countless images that are both classic and extravagant. Creating a stylish looks without provocative elements is the main feature of a refined taste.
The popularity of classic black fishnet tights has sparked a demand for new styles, including pantyhose with larger holes, and micro net tights with very small holes.

What kind of fishnet tights to buy?

There are many variations of fishnet tights that look completely different. The online store of pantyhose,, offers to buy seamless fishnet tights in the best options, and each of them will help you radically change your style:
  • the effect of a "shy" girl will turn out if you combine tan fishnet pantyhose with a corrugated skirt and shoes that have a low square heel;
  • clear fishnet tights will perfectly fit a bride's outfit;
  • buy a large net is dangerous, because the accessory has a "flashy" look that attracts sidelong glances and leads to vulgar thoughts from strangers, although it fits teenagers with an active life position, such as, a girl in torn blue denim shorts, in bright mesh pantyhose, on rollers skates.
This example (this grunge direction, by the way, is very fashionable among young people under 35 years of age) may seem not very stylish and cheap, but all of the cheapness can be removed by a single element, if the knee pads match the shorts.

As you can see, you can play with a selection of different clothes in many ways:

  • buy black fishnet tights is a classic of all time. In a strict outfit of a business woman, you can add a little playfulness. By the way, the black fishnet tights are perfect for meetings in an romantic setting;
  • Seamless fishnet tights are often buy and worn with high heels,while athletic shoes and a thin sole usually look rather silly. Shoes with an open toe are also not an option, that is because the sealed toe insert of the pantyhose will catch everyone's attention.
  • Light fabrics do not fit well with the rough threads of the fishnet tights, and that is why summer sundresses and flounces do not go well with them. 
In general, netting tights improve the shape of the legs and visually make a woman taller. The matte shade of the skin, which is provided by the structure of the grid, emphasizes the curves of the legs much more than any other pantyhose. It is also impossible to make a rip on fishnet tights. 
Fishnet tights have a wide worldwide popularity, because they are so feminine and sexy. In 2019, the fashion for the fishnet tights is rapidly gaining momentum. Today you can buy fishnet tights with a variety of different diameters of the hole, and this makes it possible to model numerous silhouettes for any occasion: work, a walk, party, gala event, presentation and so on.