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20 products

Polka dot tights — flirty and stylish   

Today, the popularity of pantyhose with ornaments such as playful "spots" is increasing. Modern young women boldly buy polka dot tights, which adds sophistication and originality to their overall image. But, as with all the one of a kind items the choice of such an accessory should be very careful and thought through.
That is why fashionistas with curves should prefer black pantyhose with small spots, since large once increase the volume of their legs.
The main advantage of tights with polka dots
is their amazing ability to become the most noticeable accent of their outfit. In this, they are even better then mesh stockings, which are considered a classic attribute of a women's wardrobe for seducing men.
Therefore, if women’s prefer buying such an original tights model like black polka spots and dots, then the rest of your outfit must be carefully thought out. The ideal choice for women would be a strict dress or an A-shaped silhouette without any decorative elements.

 How to properly make an outfit with polka dot tights?

If you decided to buy black Polka dot tights, then you should not wear them with everyday clothes, because your overall image can look rather silly. Stylists advise to turn to such  black pantyhose, when women’s are thinking through a romantic look or going to a fun party.
 It is important not to "overdo" with other decorations, because the black polka dot pattern itself can serve as a full-fledged decor of the entire appearance.
The "spots" look best on translucent black yarn of pantyhose. This technique will make you a mysterious and sexy women who knows a lot about the different fashion trends. However, modern designer solutions allow us to use polka dots in business outfits.
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