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4 products

Bridal stockings: Elegance & Sexy

Regardless of the wedding month, the bride should not appear at the wedding with bare legs. Even if the weather outside is very hot, delicate bridal stockings are considered a vital part of any wedding look. Any dress, no matter if it is long or short, must be greatly complemented with an accessory, such as wedding stockings, bridal hold ups or suspenders.
Giving up more comfortable and practical bridal tights in favorite of elegant and sexy wedding stockings is evidence of special elegance and womanhood of the bride. Fortunately, modern bridal thigh high stockings have elastic bands with two silicone tapes on the top edge which make them stay on perfectly and tightly hug the leg.
Wedding stockings are the most piquant detail of an elegant and delicate outfit of the bride. This little secret is especially addressed to the groom.

The secret of choosing wedding stockings to match the dress

To choose the proper bridal stockings to fit the wedding dress, it is necessary to take into account not only the color of the dress (these days the bride does not necessarily dress in white), but also the style, and most importantly the finish.
  • if the dress is very decorated, with many beads rhinestones, and lace, then the hold-ups should be transparent, solid, and barely noticeable;
  • if the dress does not have bright decor, then the stockings can be more bold such as with a back seam or a pattern.
A mandatory and main requirement for the selected model is the high quality of the fibers and their weaving.

Buy real wedding day stockings through the online store

These days, everyone knows that the most simple way to buy bridal stockings is through the online stores. This way of purchasing is different because of the:
  • Simple and convenient selection of the wedding hold-ups from the provided catalog;
  • Visibility and full description of the wedding product
  • Most affordable prices.

The online store,, offers a carefully selected range of bridal stockings and wedding tights with the tested quality for a reasonable price (The Conte Elegant wedding collection, in the white and cream / ivory colors  for a price of 16,95€ per pair).