Support tights

14 products

14 products

Women's  support control top tights is a multi-functional solution to multiple problems with tummy, body and waist. A special insulated insert does not cause discomfort, because the thin fabric is not visible from under the women's clothes. 
Many ladies wear mini skirts and translucent dresses. Unfortunately, too many pairs of tights become uncomfortable instead of causing pleasure, all because they just do not hold and constantly slide down.
Dense control top securely hold the tights, shaping body and support push-up, as well as do not create unpleasant sensations when walking. Therefor, we can guarantee that you will have a relaxed and natural walk.

Support Push-up and shape your body

In order to achieve body control and buttocks support push-up, the item that is most popular is the support control top tights by Conte Elegant. The elastic fabric of these tights tightly fits the waist and hips, controlling the problem areas, while not restricting movement.

The desire to buy support control top tights is justified by many aspects:

  • warmth because the female body is sensitive to drafts, and this can cause all sorts of negative consequences;
  • figure correction which is especially important when wearing tight evening dresses;
  • excellent disguise under enlightening and short clothes. 
In addition to that, these control top tights look very sexy, because darkened support top which also lengthens and slims the legs.
All of control top tights that you can buy in the in online store are designed with convenience, comfort and functionality in mind, so each pair was chosen by us based on how well they fit all of these characteristics.