Bridal Tights

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2 products

On the important wedding day, the bride needs to shine and look outstanding. This means that there are no small things in her overall style and image. No matter what time of the year the wedding ceremony will be held, wedding tights are an important element of the bride’s attire. When thinking through each element of the brides wedding day look, do not forget about the bridal tights. The entire overall image, health and mood of the bride all depend on the proper choice of wedding tights. Tights for wedding are selected to match the dress and the shoes, and they can be both plain or patterned, the main requirement for them is the high quality and elegance.

Popular models of wedding tights

Bridal tights as an important part of the brides image, are selected depending on the style and the finish of the dress. With that being said, the festive, lush (lace, rhinestones, beads) attire requires the bridal tights to be concise;  if, on the contrary, the dress is distinguished by exquisite simplicity, the wedding nylons can be more bold, for example with a white fishnet or lace.

In addition to the classic simple models, there are popular models such as:

  • With a pattern, which are usually suitable for the occasional delicate images with a tattoo style;
  • Imitating stockings which is an original solution that combines elegance and piquancy;
  • With a fancy back seam which is a great addition to a concise dress.

Where can you buy bridal tights that are suitable with a wedding dress

The wedding hassles, although they are pleasant, are very tedious, so it is very important to use any opportunity that you have in order to save some time. The opportunity to buy bridal tights through the Internet, is something that fits the plan perfectly: wedding tights cannot be tried on, but every girl very well knows what her size is, so with that being said, the pictures provided in the catalog are more than enough to make a decision.

On your wedding day you can allow yourself to do absolutely everything the way you want to and just they way you like it, and that is all because this day belongs to you. The Conte Elegant wedding tights will withhold the entire ceremony with dignity!

If you need help finding the ideal wedding tights for your perfect day, please contact us.

The online store,, offers you to view a well-illustrated catalog with great descriptions of the models (color, structure, density) that are available. In our bridal collection there are refined models of the Conte Elegant wedding tights and bridal stockings (Bridal collection, white and cream / ivory colors, with a price of 14,95€ per pair.)