Thigh High Tights

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30 products

The easiest and prettiest way to protect yourself from the cool weather is by wearing tights. But the typical standards are too ordinary. Every woman wants to look one of a kind and unique, which will allow her to stand out from the crowd, without resorting to radical methods.

Thigh high tights are not just clothes, but an accessory that complements the formed image. However, you should be careful when buying these knee high tights, because any element can be an evidence of “too much” or of a bad taste. 

How to wear them and what kind of thigh high tights you should buy?

The fashion peak of hold-ups fell at the beginning of the 70s, when nylon first appeared on the market. The hold-ups popularity is due to its sexual appearance, although it was uncomfortable to wear them, since the fastening on the belt breaks, and the edge of the shaft stretches out. In addition to that, in the first spring months it a too cold to wear hold-ups, especially since the most vulnerable part of our body is not protected by fabric.

Thigh high tights is the best solution because they cover the legs and hip area as a whole, while the visual effect remains the same. But the modern requirements for women's clothing have become tougher, and therefore need to follow several rules:

  • boots and stocking style tights, as noted above, are sexy, but when sexuality is over the edge, then it turns into vulgarity. In order not to look vulgar, you can not combine knee high tights with a deep neckline or a cutout on the back, which will create the effect of a stripper;
  • knee high tights add intimacy to an outfit, so a little bit of classic and strict look would not hurt. A suit with notes of business style will make an image balanced and at the same time sexy;
  • as for the shoes, then almost all options are relevant, starting with flats, and ending with newfangled shoes. Ladies with the wrong leg proportions are recommended unisex boots, which combined with thigh high tights, at the optical level eliminate all irregularities. 

Where to buy Knee high pantyhose?

On the online store,, you can buy thigh high tights in different colors and patterns:

  • opaque stocking and transparent top half;
  • symmetrical stripes;
  • knee high & lacy panties;
  • decorative bows;
  • suspender look tights
  • polka dots, flowers and all sorts of patterns.

What particular model of knee high tights you should buy – well it is all up to you. It is important for the purchase to be liked by the customer and for it to fit them well. Buy beautiful thigh high tights on the online store,, you get guaranteed quality for the best price.