Tattoo Tights

7 products

7 products

Tattoo tights — guarantee of admiring glances

Not only sexy fishnet or the original polka dot pattern of the modern tights can surprise others. Designers went much further and came up with tights that imitate tattoos, with which you can create an extravagant look.
Fantastic models of tattoo tights, can be perfectly combined with different styles, but look particularly impressive with rough shoes and shorts. Patterns in the form of a tattoo can be monotonous, but brave young ladies prefer multi-color designs.
  Today, technology allows you to apply an unusual print on to thin, almost invisible models of tights, which gives the impression of a natural tattoo, and on products made out of dense material. The image itself can be embroidered, which uses pantyhose thread, or it can be painted with special paints.

Tattoo tights can be best combined with outfits

The main thing to remember, if you have decided to be daring and buy tattoo tights, is to know when to stop. Remember that very bright decorative elements should be supplemented with simpler things, preferably plain.
But, large patterns perfectly fit short dresses or skirts. This look is ideal for going to a party.
Small elegant details are suitable for business attire, but here you need to focus on the dress code of the organization in which you work. Tights with small tattoos will suit fans of more classic looks, such as in the form of a neat flower, exquisite butterfly or a small bow, that are often used in retro outfits.
 The easiest way to buy the appropriate model is with the help of the pantyhose catalogue on the online store, where you will surely find the most affordable prices for tattoo tights, in order for you to please yourself with new clothes that is stylish and inexpensive.