Sheer Black Tights

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32 products

Sheer black tights are back in trend

Stylists recommend choosing dense black tights. In most cases, they are suitable for everything, but sometimes it is better to choose the sheer options.
As well as that, just like other trends from the 90's, they are in style.
The only thing is that such pantyhose can look a little defiant, if you wear them with a mini skirt. Although if you create an image in the rocker style: wear a leather jacket, and ankle boots, the sheer and thin tights with black color are just right.

What to wear black tights with sheer yarn with:

  • They will not fit into the outfit that has more of pastel shades, but with bright colors they can definitely be worn. For the outfit to look well put together, choose shoes and accessories that are also black.
  • Thin and sheer, they are ideal for elegant style outfits. Dresses and skirts of medium length, suits and coats are all best combined with transparent thin pantyhose. These are the ones chosen by the recognized style icon Sarah Jessica Parker. 
A great selection of thin transparent tights are presented on the online store, Depending on the model, our black sheer tights are made from double covered Lycra yarn or Multi-filament strands of Lycra. It makes the black tights with sheer yarn surprisingly durable and resistant to rips, and they don't immediately have runs.
If you are doubting your choice, or you need advice write us a message!