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2 products

Women's fishnet stockings & fishnet thigh high stockings what kind should you purchase? 

Today, with the huge selection of models that are provided by the manufacturers that sell fishnet stockings it is not such an easy task to purchase the ideal ones. In order to not to make a mistake, every lady should know what to wear fishnet thigh highs with, so that she does not look ridiculous.
If plain tights are not that much different from each other regarding the decorative elements, then on the other hand, classic thigh highs are quite capable of surprising shoppers with a unique design. Among these models of high stockings you can find some that are quite flirty, which will emphasize your excellent taste and playful mood. However, when wearing fishnet thigh highs you should follow certain rules:
- You should not wear lace top thigh highs with trousers, because the lace top, belt fastenings and elastic bands will be immediately noticeable.
- In addition to that, you can ruin your impression with too tight outfit, so it is better to choose more spacious dresses and skirts.
- It is also necessary to choose the right length of clothing, for example, the edges of the cuffs should be above the hem by at least 5-7 cm, otherwise they will be visible to others when you sit down, so you need to purchase fishnet hold with that kept in mind.

You can wear fishnet thigh high stockings to work

Women's fishnet stockings are an exquisite element of the wardrobe, which is able to make your image sexy, feminine and charming. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right stockings for each outfit. You can even wear fishnet stockings and high stockings even to the office.

Fishnet stockings will help make your outfit sexy

Fishnet stockings are also different in the type of fixation. One option is stockings with two silicone tapes on the back of the lace top. These stockings look very strict.
They are comfortable in terms of wearing them. The elastic will not slide down, the stockings do not crumple, and your legs will look great. The lace top does not stretch and the silicone does not lose its properties even after numerous times of wearing them and washing them.
The fishnet stockings are available in different colors. For office wear, choose a strict black or nude color. But in order to create a romantic image for a special event, you can purchase white thigh highs hold ups or fishnet stockings.
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