Plus Size Tights

38 products

38 products

Ladies tend to downplay or exaggerate. Therefore, before you buy the plus size tights you should get to know the size chart. The average standard ranges from 2 (S) to 4 (L), that is, for a woman up to 170 cm and weighing up to 75 kg, "Plus" is not needed.

Tights from the category “Plus Size” are divided into such groups:
  • "XL" fits the following parameters: 170 – 175 cm up to 90 kg;
  • "XXL" are even made to fit two-meters tall basketball players.
On our online store you can easily buy even  "Queen plus" tights in models such as: 
  • ultra-thin plus size for summer (8 – 15 Denier);
  • "Queen" for fall-spring (20 – 50 Denier);
  • winter cotton and wool "Plus" tights (over 100 Denier)

Here you can buy the most fashionable tights of larger sizes such as:

  • XXL opaque lights and XL support tights;
  • plus size tights with Lycra or microfiber;
  • XL & XXL black or light tights,
  • Patterned "Queen Plus";
  • XL & XXL tights with big gusset and without. 

Tips for choosing Plus size

The most important thing is to know your personal parameters. On each package of our large tights, and also in the description of each product we publish the size charts which allows you to properly choose the right queen size.
Usually, curves ladies acquire clothes with an high or standard fit, because the low waist are designed for skinny women, and for women that are Plus Size the sewn elastic band will be uncomfortable and will press on the stomach, creating a deep fold.
The strip, truly, works miracles that is proved in practice. Vertical mixed (wide with thin) lines visually lengthen and slim the legs. In addition to that, the stripes are stylish and bold.

Brilliant eye-catching motives – why not!

A young modern fashionista does not suffer from different complexes; she knows how to emphasize her advantages that everyone always has. High quality Plus size tights, when properly chosen with the overall outfit, visually removes extra pounds.
And remember, perfect is not the woman who is endowed with beauty from nature, it is the one who knows how to dress well.