Black Tights

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91 products

While some fashion-divas continue to boycott pantyhose, other fashionistas have noticed that black tights began to appear again on the catwalks. Our opinion is that buying black tights cannot be ignored!

Black tights- the all time classic

Pantyhose are one of the most controversial parts of a modern women's wardrobe. For several seasons already, women’s debate about whether to buy, where they are appropriate and what to wear them with. However, black tights and plus size  are not influenced by fashion, they are perfectly and the best to complement any looks even in school.

 For the first time black pantyhose have become known and the best   thanks to actress Anne Miller. The need for them to be in a women’s wardrobe came with the love for mini skirts.

Therefore, in our online store,, you can buy sheer black,  women's  tights for any liking:

  • This article of clothing is very much loved by women, and girls in school since it visually makes the legs slimmer. Black tights can be worn literally every day – for going on a walk, going to school, work or an important event. Different density of the pantyhose and plus size are the best and provides with the option to wear them both in the summer and in the winter cold.
  • If we talk about men's opinion regarding pantyhose on women's legs – the majority prefer dark colors, because black tights make the legs look nicer, making a women’s more elegant and attractive.
  • Certain models contain patterns that can be strict or sheer, can be made with a certain fantasy theme.

How to match black tights with other clothing pieces?

Some time ago it was thought that black tights are combined only with clothes of similar shades. Currently, this opinion has changed, and womens buy and wear such products absolutely under any clothes. It is only important to add a dark color to your look and use as little jewelry as possible:

  • It should be kept in mind that sheer black pantyhose made out of nylon, absolutely cannot be combined with light clothing in the summer. In addition to that, they are not worn if the look involves a combination of several bright colors.
  • As for shoes, it is best to wear shoes of the same color or close in color to the tights.
  • The important part is that too opaque models of black tights will highlight the flaws of a women's legs. Therefore, when buying tights you should take into account the specific traits of your figure.

On the online store,, various models of high-quality black pantyhose, plus size, school and for any occasion are presented in the best quality.