Men's Socks

5 products

5 products

DiWaRi guarantees five qualities that true socks for men must have:

Combed long-stapled cotton logo   Combed cotton

Combed long-stapled cotton with an antipilling affect used in our products makes them more durable and gives them an eye-pleasing look. No pill will appear on your socks!

DiWaRi elastic thread logo   Elastic thread

Thanks to an elastic thread, the socks fit the foot and leg closely and emphasize their shape. The socks have a good stretching ability and do not change their shape after washing. The increased elasticity makes the socks look smart.

DiWaRi oriented wearing logo   Oriented wearing

It creates an elegant look and enhances wearing quality.

DiWaRi anatomic elastic  logo   Anatomic elastic

A double anatomic elastic does not press into the leg or sag.

DiWaRi Manual Control system logo   Manual control

All our products are put through the Manual Control system, which guarantees high quality.

DiWaRi adheres to the values of a responsible manufacture and guarantees its customers high quality of its products.

DiWaRi five plus system

How to start the day happy?

Buy men's socks with, and your feet will be comfortable! Bamboo & Cotton, Crew & Ankle... You can now purchase your favorite men's socks in pleasant colors, and of different styles and designs, for a great price.
All of them are high quality, and bring comfort to your feet with every step.
From plain dressy ones to colorful funny and crazy men's socks, happy striped and crew bamboo socks, ankle and no-show, we're sure you will find the most favorite pair for you!
They have a double anatomic edge. This makes them very comfortable to wear.

Excellent men’s socks for affordable prices

It is hard to imagine a men's wardrobe that does not include socks, including bamboo. Our feet need comfort, especially on days when there is high physical activity. That is why it is important to purchase men's socks, that are the most comfortable and practical. The range of our online store is represented by all kinds of models made out of high quality combed cotton and bamboo. You will be pleasantly impressed by the variety of colors and professional advice of the managers.

When forming the variety of socks we paid special attention to several quality factors:

 - the presence of a sealed heel and toe (these are the areas where most often there is rubbing),

- a comfortable flat seam on the toes,

- the strength and convenience of the anatomical edge,

- high quality raw materials: cotton and bamboo

- the absence of protruding threads and rough seams.

How to buy high quality men’s socks?

You can make a purchase economically without losing the quality of the products. We are working to ensure that you could be saving money from your family budget by purchasing a basic staple piece of your wardrobe.
As noted by men themselves, it is optimal to have at least 10 pairs of socks for each season in the wardrobe. Usually dark tones (black, blue, gray) socks are chosen for the colder seasons and for the warm times of the year usually white, coffee and light-gray. With stylish jeans, chinos or casual-suits you can wear men's socks of funny bright designs and colors, but then it is important to consider what element they will be combined with, so as not to end up with a ridiculous outfit.
Classic models of men's socks can be decorated with ornaments or the brands logo in the ankle part.
We have men's socks in all sizes, so everyone can purchase the perfect socks for themselves!
The height of the socks can vary as well. There are high (Crew socks), and low socks (Ankle socks). According to the rule of style, low models are appropriate in the warm season under light sneakers,  or other shoes. Fashion is not stable, and what was popular yesterday, can be bad manners in the new season. Therefore, we recommend that you follow your personal preferences and common sense.

What kind of men's socks should you buy?

Our collection has 3 categories, so you will always find something that you will like. Different bold patterns and styles are being introduced with each collection, so make sure to regularly check our website to see what we offer.


The CLASSIC collection is basic and is made out of organic combed cotton of various lengths and densities. A special focus is on men's bamboo socks and antibacterial socks with silver ions, which help reduce the growth of bacteria.
Men's bamboo socks are your perfect choice for every day wear. Bamboo is known for its antibacterial properties that will provide you with a feeling of freshness throughout the entire day. In addition to that, they are smoother and much more pleasant to wear.


The ACTIVE collection consists of sports socks of different heights. A special focus is on ankle socks. They have comfortable edges and extra ventilation that provides with the perfect comfort.


Get to know our HAPPY men's socks. This collection consists of funny happy patterned  is a feature of our HAPPY collection.
To buy men's socks on affordable terms, we invite you visit our online store, We are constantly expanding the variety of men's socks and take into account the consumers requests and fashionable tendencies. The quality of all of our products is confirmed by different certificates.
Discover the men's socks collection, that is full of cool prints, colorful patterns and is highly comfortable!
To receive advice please contact us! We guarantee a professional approach and will provide each client with attention, regardless of the amount of the order!