White Stockings

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4 products

When creating the brides image every detail is important, white stockings or white hold ups   are not on the last place, (bridal canons exclude the possibility of bare legs, even if the event procedure takes place in the middle of summer).

Your wedding is one of the most exciting and important days of your life! Our white models are decorated with a delicate pattern and lace top and they look amazing on the leg. White stockings or white hold ups go well with delicate dresses of light colors.

White stockings or white hold ups with lace is not the kind of accessory that can be found in every women's wardrobe. It is considered that it is appropriate to wear them only with a smart dress, and in other cases, other color of stockings, except for white ones can be worn. Is that so?

You can only agree with the fact that white stockings or white hold ups make you carefully think through the other details of your outfit, but if everything is chosen with taste, it can turn out to be very stylish.

What can you wear white stockings with?

Most often, after a solemn event, the hot white stockings or white hold- ups,  with lace are placed in a drawer and are forgotten about, but for no reason at all! Spectacular outfits for a holiday or a romantic date can be created by a successful combination of white stockings with such pieces:

  • black dress of laconic styleand with a minimum of jewelry is a classic combination of dark and light that looks fresh and appropriate;
  • a light dress or a suit that has a classic designwhere the light colored stockings, unlike more traditional bodily ones, will make this image much more expressive, especially if you add a colored detail to it such as a neck scarf or a bracelet.

Such combinations of clothes can hardly be called an everyday look, however, if you do not know how to add spice to your evening dress, white stockings or white hold- ups will be perfect.

Buy gorgeous white stockings or white hold- ups, with   lace on our online store Socks-Tights.com, and taking into account these simple tips, you will look stylish and impressive in sexy white stockings with sexy lace  which means that you are sure to be in a good mood!