Baby tights


    Baby Tights: a wide variety

    You can never have too many tights for kids! All little fashionistas know that, because this type of clothing is one of the main elements of both festive and everyday outfits.

    Parents buy tights for choreography classes or just on the occasion of a kid's gala event. Kids grow very quickly, so their wardrobe has to be changed much more often than for an adult.

    When choosing new baby tights, you should pay attention to the condition that they will be worn in, the time of year, size and density.

    - Thin children's tights are rarely used as underwear, they are usually worn as a basis for a skirt or dress.

    - Fuzzy, warm and opaque baby tights suitable for fall and winter and will provide your child with warmth.

    Girls from a young age follow the fashion trends, and the parent’s task during this period is to instill in their child a sense of taste and beauty. When buying children's tights, take a look at the models with cool drawings and funny patterns. For kid's concerts and thematic events, you can buy bright colored tights. Also, polka dots and stripes are relevant at all times.

    High quality opaque warm baby tights

    Every caring parent knows that among all of the kid’s clothes warm baby tights should be present. Children grow rapidly, and changing his wardrobe must be doe much more often than your own. You should carefully buy them, and take into account several fators:

    • the density of the product (thinner are suitable for fall and spring, opaque are perfect for a baby in winter);
    • conditions that they will be worn in (baby tights should be with reinforced toes, then wearing out during everyday usage will be excluded);
    • fiber composition (usually includes components such as combed cotton, elastan, polyamide or microfiber);
    • flat seams (eliminates discomfort and rubbing on the baby’s tender skin).

    What to be aware of before buying warm baby tights?

    In order for your child to be comfortable in baby tights, they should consist of at least 65% combed cotton. This natural fiber does not cause allergic reactions and retains heat well. However, cotton is not elastic and does not strech well, and that is why elastane is added to it. Thanks to this component, baby tights do not wrinkle up on the legs, do not stretch in the knees, and very well fit the legs.

    Polyamide (microfiber) is used to give the product a more aesthetic appearance. Synthetic fiber allows the skin to breathe, because it is used in a minimum ratio. Baby tights with flat seams do not cause discomfort. You should also pay attention to the presence of reinforced toes, to eliminate the appearance of holes.

    Buying opaque tights for kids from us is the correct decision 

    Choosing baby tights is not as easy as it seems at first glance. First of all, kids do not pay attention to quality, but pay attention to the design and appearance of the clothes.

    Among the manufacturers of baby tights, specialists of our online store chose products of the Conte Kids brand and that was not a random choice: this producer offers tights which are distinguished by:

    • eco-friendly of the materials and paints used, which is confirmed by ISO 14001 certificate;
    • thought through composition of the tights and excellent performance;
    • huge variety of models;
    • a creative approach to the creation of colors and designs

    On the online store you will be pleased with a diverse variety of baby tights of all sizes, a wide range of colors, models with cute animals. Prices will pleasantly surprise you and will not hit the family budget, which will allow you to buy more models of different colors and styles for your child.

    Little fashionistas will especially like the pantyhose with cute decor in the form of funny animal faces.

    In addition to baby tights, in our store you will find a wide range of children's socks.