Bridal Hosiery

6 products

6 products

Every detail of a woman's wedding day wardrobe should be absolutely perfect. Wedding hosiery for the bride should match the dress or be as close as possible to her natural skin color. They should also go well with her shoes. Last but not least, the quality must be absolutely flawless.

Why best bridal hosiery by Conte Elegant?

Just like all CONTE products, the bridal legwear collection is made with high quality using the new Lycra fibers that are made to shape your leg. Due to the Lycra multi-covered yarn, the hosiery remain incredibly durable, but remain soft, comfortable with subtle transparency. As well as that, they are sensual, aesthetic, soft and refined, with a transparent and light as a feather feel to them that caresses your leg.

These wedding hosiery are great for creating an image that is simple and modest in many ways, but at the same time has a little extra dose of beauty and femininity. All in all, a one of a kind hosiery for a really special event.

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and important days of your life, and without a doubt it is one of the most busiest! Let us help you out, by offering the perfect and high quality hosiery wedding collection for your big day. On our online store,, you have the best variety of different bridal hosiery (bridal stockings and wedding tights).

All the Conte Elegant wedding legwear, both bridal tights and wedding stockings will withhold the entire ceremony with dignity!