Skin Tights

25 products

25 products

Skin colour tights are the most practical kind of tights out of all.

Due to their skin tone they are also called:

  • skin color nylons
  • beige pantyhose
  • tan and nude pantyhose

They are ideal for work or a business meeting. Ladies often buy skin colour tights when they have no time to choose their outfit. This option is always a winning one.

In addition to that, beige, nude and tan tights will never go out of fashion.

On the online store,, you can buy a large selection of thin, nude  thick  beige and skin tone pantyhose. We have a variety of nude color pantyhose in the shades: beige, natural, tan.....

Therefore, you can easily buy pantyhose that perfectly blend with the tone of your skin. They look natural at any time of the day. Ladies only need to choose the right skin color tights for their outfit.