Compression Tights

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8 products

Characteristics of compression tights

In appearance, compression tights are not much different from the ordinary, the difference is only in their structure.
These tights are capable of:
  • improving blood circulation;
  • maintaining the desired tone in the legs;
  • preventing the appearance of swelling and heaviness in the limbs.

How compression tights work?

Creating and evenly distributing special pressure on certain parts of the legs, anti-varicose hosiery optimize the process of blood circulation, supporting the valves of the veins and not allowing the blood to stagnate.
If obvious problems start with the venous circulation, and spider veins begin to appear on the skin, then it is the right time to buy tights with light compression.
They create minimum pressure, keeping the legs in good shape, removing fatigue and small swelling, will protect against the further development of varicose veins. You need to choose them based on the size scale and level of support.

How to choose the proper compression tights?

Independently, without a consultation with a doctor, you can only buy preventive hosiery with a light level of compression (8-15 mm Hg pressure.) If the situation with veins and vessels is more serious, you should definitely visit a surgeon or phlebologist who will prescribe linen of the required compression level, taking into account the stage of varicose veins and the general body condition.
Models of compression tights differ not only in the compression class, but also in design and tear resistance. 
Sleeping in the support garments is not necessary. When you come home, it is better to take off the pantyhose, allow your legs to rest. In the winter, you should choose an opaque model, and for the summer purchase thin and breathable compression tights.

Where can you buy compression tights?

On our online store,, compression tights with a light support level of reliable quality from Conte Elegant brand are presented. To buy compression tights, just select the desired model, determine the size and place an order on our website.
If you need additional advice before purchasing, please contact us and we will answer all of your questions.