How to choose tights, how to wear different types of tights and what to combine them with in the Fall of 2019.

Tips for choosing and wearing different kinds of pantyhose
"Can I wear Skin nylon tights?
What about colored tights?
Or fishnet?!
With sandals?
And even with socks?!"

Let's take a look at the tights; once and for all! After all, fall will come once again, and the  "pantyhose" question arises strongly.

A History of Tights

Many associate the massive shift of stockings to tights with the invention of mini skirts. In fact, Mary Quant's revolution made tights a necessity: it became impossible to hide stockings and a belt under an extremely short piece of fabric. The inventor of pantyhose can be considered the actress Anne Miller, who conquered Hollywood in the mid-50's with her incendiary dances. When she was tired of the stockings constantly flying away from the thighs, she simply sewed them to the panties. This is how tights came to be. The invention was patented, put on the stream, and at first it was a very expensive pleasure, each pair was protected by its life. 

What kind of tights should you choose?

Right not it is not a problem of deficit, or the high cost for the better half, but instead it is harder to make a choice. Spandex, polyamide, Lycra, nylon, wool, cotton, silk, ultra thin, opaque, control top tights, skin, colored, black, patterned... There is enough for your head to spin. In fact, the main criterion is the density, as well as the structure and elasticity of the thread, which are measured in denier: the greater the denier value, the denser the material. Different types of tights can have a density of 5 (spider web) to 400 (knight armor) denier.

The structure can be:

  • Single covered yarn. These are disposable tights, which are torn from a single touch, instantly cover in runs and do not keep their shape.
  • Double covered yarn. In such tights the main elastic thread is braided with two thin threads. These tights are robust, do not rip right away, can withstand a small run. This is an ideal option for every day, because the price of such tights remains low, while the characteristics of the yarn are pleasing.
  • Multi-filament Lycra yarn is a revolutionary high-tech fiber consisting of a large number of very thin fibers - from 1,5 to 5 denier each. The cloth turns out to be very soft and silky and less prone to runs. A slight tear does not turn into a run because only a part of the thin fibers rip, and the remaining whole fibers hold the canvas.

Ultra thin skin tights

A gift from the fairy godmother before the ball in the magical castle 😊. Very beautiful, almost imperceptibly, absolutely impractical. I do not know of any pair, even from the most expensive manufacturers, which could be worn again. As a rule, they have joyful runs by the end of the evening. Obviously, the spiders-weavers hired by the fairy were so refined that in the pursuit of beauty, they completely forgot about the durability. Therefore, by deciding to wear the ultra tights, always keep a spare pair in your purse. A very convenient option for packing tights "to go" is represented by the European brand Conte Elegant (ultra thin 8 and 15 denier models Dress Code).
The ultra thin matte tights of the skin tone are need by ladies who work in offices with a strict corporate dress code. Such tights are in some way an element of the uniform, part of a business wardrobe in which no one can be "naked".
The shade of the nude tights should match the color of your skin😊 White hands and pale face are strangely combined with bronze legs.
Should i wear nude skin tights and pantyhose

Do those who do not work in a conservative business need nude tights?

That is a good question!
In the everyday wardrobe, in the casual style, thin tights do not play a practical role. They do not make you warm. Therefore, more and more people get rid of them - and even criticize them!  Remember, that nude pantyhose should be invisible and literally look like a second skin. Dense and noticeable skin tights are bad sign.

Nylon black pantyhose and stockings

Today sheer black tights are an element of the everyday wardrobe. But some time ago it was different, and these tights were not most proper in daylight.
For example, the function of sheer black tights in a business wardrobe can easily be replaced by thin gray one. As well as thick, opaque, and matte black!
Going beyond the business style, it should be noted that sheer black tights will be appropriate in such styles of clothing such as grunge and drama.
What to combine with sheer black tights
If their presence in everyday urban wardrobe seems to you more than controversial - replace them with opaque black!
What to combine with opaque black tights

Some more images what to combine black opaque tights with

Colored tights

What to combine Colored tights withIn red there is a risk of becoming Mrs. Santa Claus, and in the green an elf who hasn't noticed that Saint Patrick’s day has ended a long time ago.Colored tights were once offered by Christian Dior for one of the country collections. Now it is one of the stylistic items that need to be handled very carefully. First of all, think carefully about whether purple, green or blue legs, will make you look good, and even if you find the perfect shade of blue. Mixing colored tights with a multi-color outfit is even riskier. The legs should not be just long and slender, they should be truly endless.

Patterned tights

As for the patterned tights, it's not even hot like Chili Pepper. Chili peppers are fishnet tights, we'll talk about them a little further, while the patterned tights are more like a Puffer Fish! They can make the look insanely stylish, and can with just a single glance can drop the look, but not in the right direction.
In this case, the rule of vertical lines does not work, because the human leg has a soft, rounded shape itself, and if this roundness is spread, then the most ideal legs will seem crooked and thick, since at the ankle these stripes (especially contrasting ones) are amicably and closely gathered together, and then with a cheerful curve spread along the calf and above. Did I scare you enough?
Tights with diamond pattern, model Breeze by Conte Elegant
A quite acceptable option: the classic shades of the pattern in a vertical "diamond". It would seem that a few lines earlier, we anathematized striped tights, but here the vertical pattern is so thin and indistinguishable against the general background, that provide with the impression of a single-structured, noble-looking surface. This is a great model of tights Breeze by Conte Elegant.
The pattern, that all have become accustomed to lately is the polka dots (small or large).
And, of course, in the office it is no-no! Instead surprise your husband in the evening 😊 or go to a party with your friends!


What to wear with back seam tights?

Tights with back seam will veeeeery well emphasize the legs. Serpentine curve seam looks horrible, providing with an unusual curve of the legs. That is why the seam should be perfectly smooth.

This is achieved by:

  1. a very good quality of stockings;
  2. slender legs.

Combined with high heels, a pencil skirt and a strict blouse, you'll look like the vamp heroines of the Hitchcock movies.

Fishnet tights

Black, white, beige and even red. They are favorites of fashion gurus, for example, the inimitable Nina Garcia. They are like lethal spice: great in moderation, two grains more and it wont. Last season, tights with a large grid became popular. Everyone got used to it and it does not look as vulgar as it did a couple of years ago. But in the fall of 2019, I would prefer to choose more strict versions of the micro and medium mesh. And Yes! Tights with a large mesh is definitely not suitable for business wear!

Trends street looks with fishnet tights

Should you or should you not wear tights with sandals?

On one hand, the name itself of the summer shoe suggests that they should be worn on bare feet. But fashion does not stand still, so just remember: wearing sandals and shoes with an open toe with nylon nude pantyhose is the worst of all possible fashion crimes!
And now the most important thing! It's the XXI century. Modern technologies allow to make ultra thin skin tights with open toe! Therefore, skin nylon tights and even THICK black and colored tights, fishnets CAN be worn with sandals! Socks are also welcome in such combinations, but of course, such style options do not belong in the category of business and office.
The attention of others, success and furore is guaranteed. You see, even the fashionistas will proclaim!

How to choose the size of the tights?

Each manufacturer has its own, and you will have to choose the necessary brand size in an experienced way.
By the way, on the reverse side of each pack a dimensional grid is printed, but it is made by the standards of the average woman's reference that taken from the Paris chamber of weights and measures, while we are all alive and different. Usually the size is determined by the table of the matching height and weight. If your parameters are on the border of the sizes – choose the bigger one.
For example, ladies with a height of 180 cm, but with a weight of 62 kg fit the size L (4).
There is another trick – choose the right version of the upper part of the tights. For example, for our tall lady, the classic upper part in size L (4) will be big and the pantyhose will slide off.
Therefore, I recommend her the tights with a wide belt, or from the collection of control top tights. In these tights, the upper part is much dense and will keep the tights in place all day.
With that being said, it is only left to try it out and nothing else. If you are hesitating, choose the larger size: therefor they do not slip off the hips and do not slide at the first attempt to put them on.

Try to choose the tights with a reinforced toe, flat seams (not visible under clothing), with a cotton gusset and a fairly wide belt - these models look better and last longer.

What kind of tights to choose?

Historically, the champion on the market for many years remains the Italians, and they really are good if you choose the more expensive brands.
Want something good and reasonably priced?
I can recommend the European brand Conte Elegant.
I have my own story associated with them: stumbled on cobblestones, and I fell to my knees, covered by just the Conte Elegant stockings. I skinned my knees, while nothing happened to the stocking. They were just a little dirty.
This is exactly the case when pantyhose have to be washed and you will get tired of them 10 times before they rip. I don’t know what is the magical multi-filament yarn that is in them. Many also compliment the Wolford and Falke brands.

Stockings or tights?

It is absolutely a matter of taste, there are fans of both stockings and tights. The only thing is: if you decide to wear stockings, do not overdo it with body cream. The silicone holds poorly on the oily skin from the cream.

 Simple rules for modern ladies.

Light, bright and shiny tights will make your legs fuller.
Dark, muted and matte tights will leave the visual volume of your legs as it is, or help your feet look more slender.

How to wash and properly store pantyhose and tights?

It is better to wash pantyhose by hand or on the delicate cycle in a special bag for hosiery. Select a separate box for your stockings-tights: this way it is more convenient to look for the right pair, and there is no risk that, for example, the hooks from a bra, being in close proximity, will leave rips in them.

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