How do you match tights?

Today we talk about it!
Save and apply our advice:
1. Socks and tights should be a lot, you never know exactly what will be useful! You should always have 2 new pairs of beige and black basic (classic) pantyhose! Catastrophe - to find out in the evening that there is not enough of a pair of legwear before an important event or party!
2. Fishnet tights under the torn jeans is very good! Let the most interesting be reflected in the hole.
3. Patterned tights look beautiful with discreet monophonic clothing! In a word, do not distract attention from your feet!
4. Combination of socks + tights, why not!
5. "Color vertical" effect, in order not to visually “cut” the legs, use the colors of tights similar in color to the shoes or to the bottom of the clothes, thus the silhouette will be harmonious and solid.

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