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Leggings — create stylish and comfortable outfits

Today, more and more often women are leaning towards comfortable clothes that will not restrict movement and, at the same time, will look stylish and feminine. Luxurious outfits, of course, emphasize the elegance and exquisite taste, but sometimes you want to wear just comfortable clothes that perfectly emphasize your figure and will not make you uncomfortable when walking. Leggings and Jeggings are exactly that— cute tight pants made out of thick material that can be worn with heels to a party, and for a family Sunday at home.

Difference leggings and jeggings from regular pants

For the first time these unusual pants appeared on the world's fashion walks was in 2009, after the 80's began a rampant fashion for leggings with pockets and other decorative elements. It is believed that the British brand "Topshop" was the first to present leggings in its collection, and later other famous brands followed the trend.

A distinctive feature of leggings is the ability to combine them with many elements of the wardrobe, and not only with sporty things.

Designers recommend to take into account the style and the presence of decorative elements on the leggings when creating an outfit.

Not always can leggings be combined with the same top that fits regular pants.

The best combination will be black leggings with pockets, worn together with a simple white blouse, elongated top, stylish sweater, interesting cardigan or fitted jacket.

To visually lengthen the legs, by wearing leggings, can be done with the help of heels,  but can also be worn with neat flats.

As for the material of the manufacture, usually dense cloth is used in combination with elastane fibers. Cotton (jeggings) or faux leather (leather look) perfectly fits. Variety of prints, shiny rhinestones or lace, elegant ribbons, unusual lacing, cuts on the knees, scuffs, original stitching or rivets can be used as decor.

Advantages of the model

Nothing is more fashionable, comfortable and a more favorite clothing piece than women's leggings. They should be in a wardrobe of every woman.Such items can be called universal, and they have many advantages:

  • Comfort. Due to the tight fit of the leggings, they do not make it uncomfortable when walking, and if you sit down, the pants will never be wrinkled.
  • Universality. A pair of plain black leggings is a must in every woman's wardrobe. It's the perfect thing when you're looking for something simple but stylish. The model range allows you to combine the top of any style. They are perfect for creating a sporty image, and for an outfit put together for social events.
  • Push-up effect. Leggings and jeggings create a smooth silhouette. Due to the dense fabric the lady is provided with lifting of the legs and hips, and becomes visually slimmer. At the same time, the soft belt does not cut into the body, which will not bother you when wearing them.
  • A variety of design options. Leggings are made not only in black color, but also of materials of different colors, with original prints and decorations. You can choose options that imitate denim jeggings or leather.

We have collected a wide range of leggings and jeggings from Conte Elegant in the catalog, and that is why it is not a problem to buy stylish leggings or jeggings on the online store Socks-Tights.com. Such a practical and feminine item as black leggings will allow each lady to feel stunningly slender.

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