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DiWaRi guarantees five qualities that true socks for men must have:

Currently trendy: Men’s no-show socks

For those who love open shoes, but is prone to rubbing the skin on the feet, have  an alternative solution these days, which is just a new version of the old tradition: so that the socks do not look out from under your favorite sneakers, you can change them to wearing no-show socks (men's models — is really something new!).

They are also called: Loafer, Invisible, Boat Shoe Liners, Low-Cut and Liner Socks.

Today, such an piece will not be difficult to find from famous designers who create stylish men's outfits. For everyday life there is no reason to give up comfort, that these “small pieces”, in the men's wardrobe of a trend follower, provide with.

Low socks or No-Show Boat Shoe Liners?

You should no mix them with short socks, the rim of the ankle sock (even on ultra-short ones) is almost always visible while men's no-show socks are ideal and are invisible.

In this case, the invisible part provides with:

  • hygienic function associated with the absorption of moisture and odors;
  • feet protection from rubbing of the shoes;
  • good fit on the men's foot, providing with maximum comfort.

Does this mean that they are not very attractive?

Not at all: they can be plain or patterned, and the variety of models are designed to be chosen based on the specifics of the shoe.

The material of them is also diverse, although the best option of men’s Low-Cut socks are those that are based on natural combed cotton.

No-Show Boat Shoe Liners for men: Buy them online for a good price

Just as other hosiery, you can buy men’s no-show socks quickly and for an affordable price on the Internet. The best proof of this is the variety of the online store we offer to buy DiWaRi brand men's products.

Our variety to buy includes different compositions (combed cotton 70%, polyamide 25%, elastan 5%) high quality no-show socks for men of the CLASSIC series with anti slip coating on heel part.