High Waist Tights

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9 products

High Waist Tights: delicate slimming secrets

Every woman dreams of a graceful refined figure and silhouette, and today there is an excellent opportunity to correct some of her looks, that were inherited from nature: it is simply enough to just wear the high waist tights with a slimming effect and delicate secrets of the female body magically become invisible to the eye of an outsider!
Of course there is  no magic in this, these high waist tights just have a higher density in the stomach and bum, which allows you to visually slimming any problem areas, and effectively shape your body and figure.

Where to buy high quality stomach shaper tights with high waist, that are body-shaping

Having a pair of high quality stomach and bum shaping tights with slimming girdle in your wardrobe is your opportunity to wear a sexy mini skirt and an elegant form-fitting dress without any fear. The degree of girdle shaping is determined by the content of the elastane:
3-5% — only the belt is elastic;
10-20%— ordinary durable products for everyday wear;
20-30% — shaping (correction and slimming) models;
40%+ — medical (sold only in pharmacies and specialty stores).
The online store Socks-Tights.com offers one to buy guaranteed quality girdle tights with high waist for the best price.

Why is it worth buy high waist tights in a specialty store

It is very difficult to independently understand the modern abundance of different offers, since the only method available for the customer is the method of trial and error. While shaping tights with girdle are not cheap, and searching for the ideal pair will require a considerable amount of time, as well as financial losses (and this does not count the nerves that you will lose!)
Our experts have already done all of the unpleasant work for you and sopped on the Conte Elegant high waist tights: the online store Socks-Tights.com offers to buy a professionally formed variety where the price and quality of slimming tights are always optimally balanced!